Welcome to our bedroom


Close your eyes and imagine this...You enter the studio and immediately notice the gentle smell of lavender and vanilla with a touch of sandalwood. Candles are lit

and rose petals gently lay beautifully in place. You hear music playing softly in the background; a mix of alternative new age artists that immediately put you in the

mood for this incredible experience.

This feels so good...

You are welcomed by our team upon your arrival.  From the minute you walk in, you know this day is ALL ABOUT YOU.  Before we begin your glamour preparation, we will toast your Experience with a carafe of mimosas. Waiting for you in your dressing room is a beautiful new robe you can wear during your photo session if you'd like.  It's yours to keep and bring home with you. Fresh fruit, yogurt and rich chocolate guilty pleasures are

ready and waiting for your snacking fancy.

You will be introduced to Gina Souza, Onyx's professional hair stylist and makeup artist. She will  escort you into our preparation room where you have a beautiful walk in closet with plenty of space to lay out your garments and accessories.   We will discuss your garment selections and put a plan in place for each section of our photography time.  Gina then begins your hair styling, makeup and eyelash application.  We will steam your garment choices if necessary, and place them on satin hangers so they are

wrinkle-free and ready for you.

So what does the studio look like?


The studio is beautifully illuminated with natural light and tastefully decorated with contemporary furniture, and plush floor coverings, all black and white in true Onyx fashion.  Splashes of red are tastefully added here and there.  In the charmingly decorated bathroom, you will find necessities you may have forgotten; mouthwash, hairspray, spray deoderant, feminine products and much more. 

It's showtime...

You are probably excited and a little nervous but there's absolutely no need to worry. 

That feeling is completely normal. Most women have never done anything like this before so you are in good company.  I will show you everything you need to know; how to hold your hands, proper posing, how to move naturally and even how to smile.  We definitely have fun so you can expect a lot of laughter when we are working together. You will change into two different garment selections and the photography itself will last for 60 minutes.  

I bet you can't wait to see your images!


Most professional photographer's will make you wait several weeks or even months to see your images.  I never liked that so I do everything completely against the standard. 

The idea behind this Experience is to keep the flow of positivity going.  You should feel incredibly empowered after having gone through the Onyx Experience. It only gets better once you come back for your Onyx Reveal a week later.

The Onyx Reveal

The following week after your Onyx Experience, you are invited to a virtual reveal of your images via Zoom.  Sit back and relax in the comfort of your home, while we go through each image, one by one. You select your favorites based on the package you choose.

You can even invite your friends to come look with you!   

Final images will be delivered in just a few days!

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