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I have always taken great pride in my studio. The elegance of the Onyx Experience has as much to do with the presentation of the location I shoot in, as it does my expertise with the camera.  I want to take the "fear of germs" objection, off your list of reasons you may not want to consider this opportunity. In the wake of Covid-19, this is even more important.

1. For the near future, both Gina and myself wear masks when we work with our clients.  We want to make you comfortable at all times.

2. Every surface in my studio is disinfected in between clients (every bench, chair, counter top, the bathroom, hardwood floors and doorknobs).

2. Although clients are never completely nude, the bedding is changed and washed in between every client. Yes, I have a washer/dryer in my studio! * NOTE: Did the last hotel you stayed in, change the bedspread? I change EVERYTHING, EVERY TIME.

3. I never offer recycled clothing as options for my clients. Every client receives a beautiful brand new robe that they can take home with them. Clients bring their own choice of clothing to the studio and nothing is left behind. The area where the client gets dressed , is completely disinfected as well.

4. The disinfection process takes time so I never book my clients back to back.  I always allow enough time to adequately prepare my studio using the proper disinfecting protocols I describe. 

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